You are writing a review of the story. “Oscar’s Camp Canyon Experience,” in class.

Oscar’s Camp Canyon Experience

ーTwelve-year-old Oscar has just finished a wonderful week at Camp Canyon. He had the time of his life – making new friends, developing new skills, and discovering a love for science among many other things. And Oscar learned an important lesson: Sometimes, when faced with a difficult situation, it’s best just to let it go. He learned, too, that things are not always what they seem.

ーCamp Canyon is a summer camp for boys and girls from eight to sixteen. In the U.S., there are many kinds of camps. Often, kids focus on particular skills or learn values from religious books and traditions. Camp Canyon, though, is different. Its main aim is for the kinds to discover for themselves how to deal with difficult situations using ideas based on the importance of communication and mutual respect. During their week at the camp, the kids develop their powers of judgement and sense of right and wrong – all while having fun swimming, playing games, and doing hands-on science and nature projects.

ーThis was Oscar’s second summer at Camp Canyon, and he enjoyed showing newcomers around. On the first day, he introduced himself to Dylan, a boy of his age attending the camp for the first time. Oscar spent a lot of time helping Dylan get used to his new circumstances, and they quickly became close friends. They both enjoyed playing video games and climbing trees, and at the camp they discovered a shared love of Gaga Ball, a form of dodgeball. Oscar and Dylan played Gaga Ball until they were exhausted, throwing the ball at the other kids and screaming with laughter. Afterward, sitting on their bunk beds, they would talk for hours about their home and school lives, and how much they were enjoying Camp Canyon.

ーOne of the other campers was a boy named Christopher. Initially, Christopher seemed like a well-behaved, fun-loving boy. Oscar couldn’t wait to get to know him. However, it wasn’t long before Christopher’s behavior started to change. He didn’t bother to make his bed. He left games and other belongings lying around on the floor. He was inconsiderate and self-centered. And he was mean, as Oscar and Dylan soon found out.

ー”Dylan didn’t brush his teeth. And he’s smelly! He didn’t take a shower today,” shouted Christopher at breakfast, making sure all the other kids could hear.

ーOscar and Dylan were shocked to hear Christopher’s comments. Oscar had always tried his hardest to make everyone feel welcome. Christopher seemed to take great delight in saying things that upset the other two boys. He even pushed in front of Oscar when they were lining up for lunch. He just laughed when Oscar angrily protested.

ーOscar consulted the camp counselor about their problems with Christopher. She gave Christopher a strong warning, but if anything, his behavior got worse. The other kids just kept out of his way, determined not to let anything spoil their fun activities at camp.

ーOne of these activties was a discussion session with a science teacher. Although Oscar had shown little interest in science at school, this was something he really enjoyed at the camp. The kids talked with the teacher, growing increasingly excited with each new scientific fact they discovered. Oscar was particularly fascinated to learn about reflected light and how we see certain colors. A red object, for example, absorbs every color of the rainbow, but reflects only red light to our eyes.

ー”So,” Oscar reported breathlessly to Dylan, “a red object is actually every color EXCEPT red – which is reflected! Isn’t that amazing? I just love science!” Things, he had come to realize, are not always what they seem.

ーThe campers also discussed ethics and the rules that would be best for the group as they experienced their week together. Whenever there was a disagreement, they stopped to consider what might be the right or wrong thing to do according to each situation. In this way, they learned to function together as a harmonious group.

ーThrough these discussions, Oscar learned that there is not always an obvious solution to a problem. Sometimes, as with the case of Christopher’s bad behavior, the answer might just be to let it to. Oscar realized that getting upset wasn’t  going to change anything, and that the best way to resolve the situation without drama would be to walk away from it. He and Dylan stayed calm, and stopped reacting to Christopher’s insults. This seemed to work. Soon, Christopher lost interest in bothering the boys.

ーThe end of the week came far too quickly for Oscar. His memories of the camp were still fresh when, a few days after returning home, he received a postcard from Chirstopher.

Dear Oscar,

ーI’m really sorry for the way I behaved at camp. You and Dylan seemed to be having so much fun! I felt left out, because I’m not very good at sports. Later, when you stopped paying attention to my bad behavior, I realized how silly I was being. I wanted to apologize then, but was too embarrassed. Are  you going to the camp again next year? I’ll be there, and I hope we can be friends!

So long,

ーYes, thought Oscar, when he had recovered from his surprise, with Christopher, he had been right to let it go. Putting down the postcard, he remembered something else he had learned at camp: Sometimes, things are not what they seem.

Complete the review by filling in 【 34 】to 【 38 】.

問1 (a)【 34 】

① All the camp participants quickly became good friends.
② Most campers stopped enjoying the fun activities.
③ One of the campers surprisingly changed his attitude.
④ The camp counselor managed to solve a serious problem.

問1 (b)【 35】

① Christopher contiuned to behave very badly.
② Dylan could understand how light is reflected.
③ Oscar played a leading role in group discussions.
④ The counselor reconsidered her viewpoint.

問2 【 36 】

① just unhappy because he was unable to take part in all the activities
② probably nervous as he was staying away from for the first time.
③ smarter than most campers since he tried to hide his honest opinions
④ thoughtful enough to have brought games to share with his friends

問3 【 37   】

① avoid a difficult situation
② discuss ethics and rules
③ embarrass the others
④ try to be even friendlier

問4 【 38 】

① get detailed information about summer outdoor activites
② read a moving story about kids’ success in various sports
③ remember their own childhood exxperiences with friends
④ understand the relationship between children and adults





You are writing a review of the story, “Oscar’s Camp Canyon Experience,” in class.






問1(a) の解説と解答

・問1の (a) は、「レビュー」の中の「アウトライン」に入る選択肢です。
「アウトライン」は、① Begining ② Middle ③ Engding の3つのパートがあり、② Middle の部分がさらに2つの部分に分けられています。問1の (a) は、その2つの部分の前半にどの内容が入るのか、という問題です。

※【 34 】に入る選択肢は下記の通りです。
① すべてのキャンプ参加者はすぐによい友達になった。
② ほとんどのキャンプをしている人はおもしろい活動を楽しむことをやめた。
③ キャンプしている人の一人は驚くべきことに態度を変えた。
④ キャンプのカウンセラーはなんとか深刻な問題を解決しようとした。

Begining の部分は、1段落目から3段落目まで
Middle の部分は、4段落目から7段落目まで
Ending の部分は、8段落目から13段落目まで

Middle の部分は、「クリストファーとの関係」に関する部分に該当します。






☞ここから、問1の(a) は前半の部分なので、正解は、

③ One of the campers surprisingly changed his attitude. となります。

問1(b) の解説と解答

・問1の(b) は、上記の問1(a) と連続している問題です。

※【 35 】に入る選択肢は下記の通りです。
① クリストファーはとても行儀悪く振舞い続けた。
② ディランは光がどのように反射するのかを理解できた。
③ オスカーはグループ・ディスカッションで主導的な役割を果たした。
④ カウンセラーは彼女の見方を再び考え直した。

➡上記の問題から、アウトラインの Middle の部分は、

問1(b)【 35 】の解答は、

① Christopher continued to behave very badly. となります。


・問2は、「レビュー」での Main characters の部分の空欄に入る適語を選ぶ問題です。

ーChristopher might have seemed unfriendly, but actually he was 【 36  】.

「クリストファーは優しくないように見えたかもしれないが、実際は彼は【 36 】であった。」

※【 36 】に入る選択肢は下記通りのです。







① just unhappy because he was unable to take part in all activities となります。
(- Christopher might have seemed unfriendly, but actually he was just unhappy because he was unable to take part in all activities.)


・問3は、「レビュー」での “Your opinions” の部分の空欄に入る適切な表現を選ぶ問題です。”Your opinions ” は下記のように記されています。

I don’t think Oscar really knew how to deal with the problem. All he did was 【 37  】. He was lucky Christopher’s behavior didn’t get worse

「私はオスカーがその問題に対する扱い方を知ったとは思わない。彼がしたのは、【 37 】だけだった。クリストファーが悪化しなくて彼は幸運だった。」

※【 37 】に入る選択肢は下記の通りです。

– He and Dylan stayed calm, and stopped reacting to Christopher’s insults.
– Later, when you stopped paying attention to my bad behavior, I realized how silly I as being.


① avoid a difficult situation となります。
( All he did was avoid a difficult situation.)


・問4は、「レビュー」での “This story would most likely appeal to…” という部分の空欄に適切な表現を入れる問題です。 “This story would most likely appeal to…” では、次のような英文になっています。

Readers who wants to 【 38 】.

「(この物語はおそらく)【 38 】したい読者(におすすめである。)」

※【 38 】に入る選択肢は下記の通りです。
① 夏のアウトドアの活動について詳しい情報を手に入れたい読者
② 子どもたちの様々なスポーツにおける成功についての感動的な物語を読みたい読者
③ 友達との子ども時代の経験を思い出したい読者
④ 子どもたちと大人の間の関係性について理解したい読者

①・・・少しですが、Camp Canyon での活動については言及されています



③ remember their own childhood experiences with friends となります。
( This story would most likely appeal to readers who want to remember their own childhood experiences with friends.)



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